Friday, January 23, 2009


Thankfully, Twitter has a neat function that creates links when you use hashtags, and when you click those links it takes you to a page ( where you can search for other people who use the same tags. This is helpful when trying to find people with like interests. So, to help the Christian communicate and stay connected on Twitter, we can use the following hashtags to say things we want to say.
(NOTE: If you have suggestions for more, please go to and send us a Direct Message, or you can leave a comment on this blog.)


#JIL means "Jesus is Lord" We should use this on every post that we can...the "Jesus is Lord" hashtag will be our main way of communicating as the body of Christ.
Example: Let us never be ashamed to spread the gospel. We must always remember that #JIL


#PRAY4 means "Pray for..." We can use this on any kind of prayer request.
Example: #PRAY4 our nation


#PRSRP means "Praise report..." We can use this on giving any kind of praise report on what God has done for us.
Example: I came back from the doctor and there is now so sign of cancer! #PRSRP


#T4C means "Tweeps4Christ" Even though when referencing the Twitter page we should use @Tweeps4Christ, we can use #T4C as a back-up hashtag reference to the movement and the site.
Example: Everyone follow @Tweeps4Christ let’s join the movement! #T4C


#BBL means "Bible" We should use this when quoting or referencing scripture
Example: Jn 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. #BBL


We were informed about this by a Tweep after initially publishing this blog. It can be used on any tweet and is used to identify oneself as a part of the body of Christ. No example needed because you should use it on every tweet.

And remember, you can and should use multiple hashtags if they apply to the tweet.

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  1. Great work on getting this up and running. God bless you. #JIL