Friday, January 23, 2009

What is "Tweeps4Christ"?

What is Tweeps4Christ?

A Tweep is a Twitter-er (a person who uses Twitter). We’re using “Tweep” because it uses fewer characters, and we only have 140 characters per Tweet on Twitter. And since we’re “4 Christ” that means we serve Jesus Christ. That’s it.

What’s our mission?

Our mission is to connect Christians Tweeps. That’s it. We hope that through the use of hashtags (statements preceded by a “#” for example a hashtag for Tweep would be #Tweep) we will be able to search who else is saying #JIL (Jesus is Lord).

Want to join in on the movement?

Go to and sign up for account (it’s really easy!) and then go to and click “follow” we’ll “follow” you back and you’ll get Twitter updates from us periodically. To stay connected with other Tweeps4Christ simply see our hashtag blog and you’re in business.


  1. FANTASTIC idea! Love it. Thanks for finding me! :)



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